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There is just something special about in home sessions. The fact that you are surrounded by everything that defines you. The fact that this venue is your sanctuary. The fact that this is where you make all your memories and raise your first baby together. You brush your teeth there…have your morning coffee there…share your late night snuggles there. It doesn’t get much more meaningful than that. These simple, “life as it is” types of sessions are my absolute favorite. Just being there to follow a family around and document what is happening in their real lives is an honor I can’t describe. To be trusted and let in to a family’s most private and sacred space to capture memories is a gift. Thank you to this beautiful San Francisco family for letting me share the morning with you.

I love this family. Not only have I known mom since we were rebels without a cause in high school, her family has grown into this beautiful pod of 4 cruising the ave in this wickedly awesome restored by her hubby 28 Model A. We decided the big read barn at The Stanford Equestrian Center would be both a perfect backdrop for the car shots as well as visual eye candy for the kids. To add even another family restored element to this session, grandpa made the rocking horse. Talk about a talented crew!

There is nothing more exciting than the weeks leading up to the arrival of your first baby. How lucky am I to get to photograph such a magical time? How much more lucky am I to be able to do this for one of our dearest friends? I get to watch that little mystery lump grow up. I get to snuggle him or her and watch our friends make their way through the ever crazy but rewarding journey of parenthood. You may recognize her face from last year’s engagement session HERE.

I simply can’t wait! On to my beautiful friend and her beautiful bump on a beautiful beach in a beautiful town.