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Sometimes the best things in life take time. In this case, the time it took me to blog this gorgeous wedding. We shall treat it like a fine wine that needed aging. Everything about this day was my favorite. The private cutting horse estate it took place at was on the same grounds I used to show horses growing up. The sweet smell of equine wafting through the air combined with the incessant sound of laughter made me yearn for more when the day was through. And of course…the bride and groom whom I love so dearly and who are pivotal members of our friendship circle. Chelsea and Mike had a huge hand in the design and details of this unique wedding. The bride tirelessly collected place settings for over a year from thrift stores, each one having been hand picked. They hand made the green tumblers by heat cutting old wine bottles. All the horses were moved out of the main barn in order to set up the gorgeous single row table setting. The cake, made by Chelsea’s grandmother who has since passed, is a wonderful reminder that keeping it in the family helps to keep the bonds strong. They kept the bridal party intimate with just Chelsea’s sister and Mike’s best man to stand in for their union. A close family friend read Dr. Suess’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” while the bride’s grandmother did a sentimental reading. The reception room was adorned with lights and candles as they celebrated their evening with loved ones. And I even got a place setting…

I’ll stop talking now since it’s taken me long enough to get to this point. Here’s to decades of happy matrimony for our dear friends Mike and Chelsea!


Band: Apple Z

Catering: Tuli Bistro