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I’ve had the opportunity to know Grace since she was a little girl. Working with her mom over the years, I’ve been able to watch her grow and her interests change from childhood toys to hours and hours of pitching practice. I remember her mom telling me one year that the coach she had wouldn’t let her pitch so they switched teams for not believing in her daughter. She immediately showed her skills and excelled quickly into a very talented pitcher.She’s a wickedly good softball player and works so hard for all that she has accomplished in a short period of time. When she makes the big leagues, I hope she will remember me! You are amazing Grace…keep on doing what you’re doing because you are headed for stardom.

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This was a different kind of senior session…a senior in college collection! When you think about it, it makes perfect sense! You are in a confident stage of your life where you have your undergrad behind you. You have responsibilities and your goals and dreams are starting to come to fruition. It’s a stage in life where you feel a huge sense of accomplishment and know that the future is here. All those long nights of caffeine consumption and cramming are showing their rewards. I got the chance to shoot this completely gorgeous and successful young woman during the last months of finalizing her degree at Sac State. Having her lovely face and inspirational spirit in front of my lens was flat out fantastic! Good luck Bailee…you are our future!

Pictured here is one of the most beautiful young women I’ve ever known. The type of person you know is going to make the world a better place. She’s going places and I will be proud to say that I helped her along her path to success as her 5th grade teacher last year. She’s since ventured on to middle school but I was lucky enough to be able to photograph her in this important transitional year..her last year before being a “teen”. Make waves and show the world what you’ve got!