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I usually reserve personal posts for my other blog, Clark Family Diaries, but I thought this one needed to be ye ol’ main page here. Because without these two amazing humans, I wouldn’t be the photographer I am today. The laughter and memories I’ve had with these ladies since my introduction into the photography world has been nothing less than ridiculous (in all the good ways). Having shot nearly 30 weddings with Anita in the past few years, you truly get to know someone. We are talking like 300 hours here people. Hours of working together, driving together, late night conversations about photography and life in general. I actually had to delete all the text message threads on my phone between Corinne and I because it was taking up gigs of space. Yes, GIGS. That’s a lot of chatting and image sharing. We got to spend a few days together at a beach house in Bodega Bay cooking, drinking wine (sans Corinne with her baby belly), and laughing hysterically about everything and nothing.  A couple of our boys couldn’t miss school so we had to leave them behind. The weather was perfect, giving us a nice mixture of that soft, overcast light one day and that intense, deep sun drenched magic the next. Of course what do 3 photographers do when they are together but take pictures of each other. Enter the beauty that is my friends and the California Coast.

Thank you for Corinne for the picture of me n’ my mini me!

All personal posts have been moved to our family site: Clark Family Diaries. Please come on over to see what’s up in our world! I promise it will make you smile!