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-ology: The Greek suffix meaning “the study of”. This engagement session was surely a study of food trucks, beer, wine, laughter, friends, and the beach. It we are talking about studying these things…we are well prepared for the exam. Open book of course.

It was nearly impossible not to have a blast shooting this engagement session in the Central Coast for our super, duper, awesome and most loved friends. I mean how can you have a bad day when you start at the best brewery in town and end at the beach with wine tasting smashed in the middle? You simply can’t. We started our afternoon at Tapit Brew which has the best India Pale Ale around and were pleasantly surprised to find The Grilled Cheese Incident Food Truck posted up in the back. You’d think after pitchers of beer and 4 cheese sandwiches that we would have just fallen down flat food coma style, by no….we persevered. The Edna Valley is one of the most beautiful places to wine taste and just drive around and sightsee. We stopped at Talley Vineyards and Saucelito Canyon for some fermented grapes and photo opps. It was a warm, gorgeous January day in the Central Coast so we had to take advantage of the beach to round out the evening. Congratulations to our dear friends Mark and Jen who are finallllyyyyyyy getting hitched this June. It will be well worth the wait I’m sure!

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