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I have been absolutely giddy about blogging this wedding I got to second shoot for Anita Martin Photography. Not only is shooting weddings with her my favorite thing to do, but the spirit and joy of this beautiful couple knocked my socks off. I mean seriously, I couldn’t count the number of times the bride smiled throughout her wedding day. Big, enormous, genuine, happy as a clam smiles. Groom too! And the wedding party and guests…well one look at them is simple proof that every person in attendance was there to have a good time. The Squaw Valley Lodge venue was a class act and driving around the lake with the bridal party for pre-ceremony photos was the icing on the cake. I wish I could instill in all brides the importance of letting go of the stress and having a fabulous time on your wedding day. It is after all, the one time in your life when you will have all your loved ones in the same place at the same time…soak it up!

Squaw Valley Wedding