Gorgeous Yocha De He Wedding {Sacramento Wedding Photographer)

Take a gorgeous couple, a beautiful setting, a hilarious bridal party, and a chance to second shoot for my favorite photographer and friend Anita Martin of Anita Martin Photography and you have the recipe for a radical day. Yes I grew up in the 80s so don’t judge my valley girl lingo. Seriously though, this day was a blast and also one that will go down in my wedding history books for a different kind of reason. This was the (first) wedding I fell off a table. I say first because I know it will happen again. Yep, I was THAT photographer who got up on a table for a few shots and completely forgot I was elevated when I turned around to walk away. I was also the photographer who fell with zero grace but held my camera high like like a frat boy trying to save his beer when his friends throw him in the pool. So where’s the evidence? Can you believe Anita was more concerned about my health and safety to snap a shot of me flat on my back? What is wrong with her? We have spoken that if when this happens again…shoot first, then check me for broken bones.
Enough of this nonsense…on to the beauty of the union of Jamie and Richard. Oh and a little shout out to Yocha Dehe Golf Club for running a wickedly organized and friendly wedding venue and treating us like royalty. Your name is really hard to spell but your service is top notch!

  • Beautiful set! So glad that you were okay (but thanks for sharing your debacle with us!). 🙂ReplyCancel