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There is just something special about in home sessions. The fact that you are surrounded by everything that defines you. The fact that this venue is your sanctuary. The fact that this is where you make all your memories and raise your first baby together. You brush your teeth there…have your morning coffee there…share your late night snuggles there. It doesn’t get much more meaningful than that. These simple, “life as it is” types of sessions are my absolute favorite. Just being there to follow a family around and document what is happening in their real lives is an honor I can’t describe. To be trusted and let in to a family’s most private and sacred space to capture memories is a gift. Thank you to this beautiful San Francisco family for letting me share the morning with you.

Remember this gorgeous couple here? Yep, well they are now three! Oh and a little bit of jealousy due to the fact that mom looks this amazing shortly after having a baby. It’s simply not fair. When I pulled up to their house, there was definitely no mistaking I was at the right place even though I did get lost for a mere 35 minutes. Hubby hired a service to come decorate their lawn while they were in the hospital. Don’t even think about nominating yours for Hubby of the Year because this guy already won. So sweet.

Someone looks like a spotlight hog and it’s not the newborn.


Remember this quilt from their maternity session? Made by grandma and has now found its forever home.

Sorry little buddy…there’s a new sheriff in town.

Congratulations beautiful family! Can’t wait to watch your little one grow!

This little slice of heaven was late. Over a week and a half late to be exact. But she was waiting for something. If you’re going to be born in December, you better go big or go home. When you’re born on Christmas Eve, no one ever forgets your birthday. A smart little cookie this one. I apologize for the overshare here but when you walk into someone’s home for the first time never having met them and you walk out wanting to live next door, overshares are expected. I love laid back parents who love and embrace lifestyle photography. You can just tell they are going to take all the stages of parenthood in stride and enjoy the journey with their little one. I’m no crystal ball reader but I can tell that these guys are going to rock parenthood. Here are a  few lot of my favorites during our time together. I could have easily blogged over 100 but I’ll spare you that much sweetness all at one time.

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