Fab 6

I had the opportunity to shoot this incredibly fun family recently and let me tell you…these guys know how to have fun! Hanging out with them may have had me considering going for more kids (shhhh don’t you know who). They’ve got looks, personality, and the gift of gab. I really wanted to follow them home and have dinner with them and maybe stay for a slumber party but maybe that would have been a bit weird. Dad is a high school math teacher so the dorky, teacher jokester in me couldn’t help but drop a few of my favorites. “Why did the boy eat his math homework? Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake. Why do plants hate math? Because it gives them square roots.” Ok, I’ll stop now so you can look at the pictures. Thank you Williams family for an unforgettable evening. I am a happier person after meeting you all!

  • Your photos are beautiful. I found you through clickinmoms blog (don’t you love them?). My name is Alicia; I’m an aspiring photographer. I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog. The little baby in the post above is a riot. Totally mature looking for a baby. Nice viewing your stuff!ReplyCancel