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There is just something special about in home sessions. The fact that you are surrounded by everything that defines you. The fact that this venue is your sanctuary. The fact that this is where you make all your memories and raise your first baby together. You brush your teeth there…have your morning coffee there…share your late night snuggles there. It doesn’t get much more meaningful than that. These simple, “life as it is” types of sessions are my absolute favorite. Just being there to follow a family around and document what is happening in their real lives is an honor I can’t describe. To be trusted and let in to a family’s most private and sacred space to capture memories is a gift. Thank you to this beautiful San Francisco family for letting me share the morning with you.

I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely family in Apple Hill to try to catch the last little bits and colors of fall. When these two adorable little girls jumped out of the car with their enormous smiles and matching dresses, I knew I was in for a cheery afternoon! I have never seen two siblings genuinely love each other like these little ones. They were constantly flashing glances at each other and giggling which made my job extremely easy. I think I’m going to see if they can come over and give my kiddos some lessons in “love thy sibling”. Behold a beautiful family and the cutest sisters ever!

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous family recently in Apple Hill. When they decided they wanted to go apple picking, I knew it was the perfect activity for the beautiful fall season that is upon us here in the Sacramento area. It was a fantastic (and tasty) day.